What is the best puppy food?

A new puppy is a joy like no other. Maybe you are preparing to bring your new baby into yourhome, or maybe the pup is already there. And he’s hungry!

You have entered into a world of love and companionship, but there is a dizzying array of choices when it comes to what to feed your new friend.

Feeding him with the best puppy food is vital in these first weeks because your puppy is growing 20x faster than a young adult dog! It is in these first months that healthy patterns are established that will prevent future health problems like allergies, obesity, and joint problems.

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy

81QILhA6n+L._SL1500_(Protein 28%, Fat 15%, Fiber 4%) Salmon meal (high in DHA) supports brain development. Lots of fruit and veggie sources for a natural source of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants. Healthy, easily digested grains – oatmeal and barley. Nothing artificial; no GMO’s; no meat by-products; no wheat, corn, or soy. Added natural Omega 3 and 6.

Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food for Small Breed Puppies, Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe


(Protein 29%, Fat 16%, Fiber 4%) Quality chicken for flavor and amino acids. Oatmeal and barley are great gentle grains for puppies. Whole garlic, sweet potatoes, and carrots provide nutrients and fiber. Additional ingredients include blueberries, kelp, apples, alfalfa, and pumpkin making a nutritionally diverse and delicious puppy food.

Natural Balance Whole Body Health Dry Dog Formula


(Protein 23%, Fat 13%, Fiber 3%) A very popular dog food that was made in a smaller kibble for the tinier puppies because of popular demand. This formula has been tested in many environments for its effect on digestion and overall health. Customers report that their pups give this one high marks for tastiness.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Duck and Potato


(Protein 21%, Fat, 10%, Fiber 3%) High quantities of more limited protein and carb sources for excellent nutrition while minimizing allergies and digestive problems. High quality duck is a protein source you don’t see much in dog food. Canola and Salmon oils provide Omega 3 and 6 as well as DHA. Natural Balance makes a point of not throwing in tons of different ingredients, instead providing just the right amount of proven healthy nutrition sources.